Web App draft email somehow deleted by clicking on the Undo link

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I use Outlook Web App for all my email needs. I wrote yesterday an elaborate email that included screenshots, tables, you name it, and saved to draft folder. Today I was making additional edits, the last edit involved selecting a small string of text in a line, maybe 10 characters, and instead of deleting using keyboard stroke, I clicked the Undo link in the Outlook web app. The whole email disappeared. Luckily, I did a search and found it on the Deleted box. However, in selecting the deleted email to move it back to draft box, I did not have an option to move it to another folder (the MS knowledge base says there should be such option, as its the only way to recover a deleted email). The only viable option presented to me was one saying "Save as draft", which I selected. Now the whole email disappeared from the deleted box, does not show up in the draft box, and does not show up using the search feature of Outlook web app.  Did I do something wrong (other than not using the keyboard delete key in the 1st place), or does this seems to be a serious design flaw of the web app not properly recovering mail from the deleted box in the latest version? I welcome any feedback and if anyone with the right role or access to MS Outlook development team suspects a code issue, please have it looked at if it has been reported by other users. I would not know who to escalate such user experience to.

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