Web add-ins missing in new Outlook for Windows [SOLVED]

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I have upgraded my Outlook app to the new Outlook for Windows app. According to the documentation, web add-ins are supported and COM add-ins are not supported.

However, none of the web add-ins I had in the old app are available in the new Outlook app. Share to Teams, Dynamics 365, Send to OneNote, Viva Sales and Viva Insights are all missing from the new Outlook app.

They are still available if I launch the old Outlook app or the Outlook web app, but not in the new Outlook app for Windows.

I've explored all the options and settings I can find, but nothing seems to be available to enable web add-ins. I did click on the ellipsis in an email and find options to enable a couple of the web add-ins, but nothing happens when I check the boxes and click Save (see screenshot).

Has anyone got any web add-ins to appear in the new Outlook app yet?

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Something similar has happened to me a couple times, where the add-ins for a calendar entry don't show up (e.g., Zoom, Viva Insights, etc.). The first time was a few weeks ago, and the second time was today.

In both instances, I ended up going to the Settings icon > View all Outlook settings > Accounts > Email accounts > Manage > Remove, then I re-added the account and it finally showed up. I'm not sure what causes the issue unfortunately.


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Please report this issue to Microsoft. Select the Help button, Feedback, and Report an Issue. So if it is a bug, they will address it.



Hi Teresa, I am a Microsoft MVP for Business Apps and I've created a ticket with the Dynamics 365 team. We spent an hour troubleshooting it yesterday, but haven't resolved it yet. We're not sure whether it's an issue with the new Outlook or the Dynamics 365 web add-in.

I'll try and come back to this post with a resolution when we find one.


Thanks for the update. I appreciate it if you keep me informed.

Many of my YouTube users and clients may ask me about this issue. 

I am being proactive about having an answer. :)




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@Neil_Benson I solved the issue by making the M365 account associated with my D365 environment to be the PRIMARY account in the new Outlook app.


In the old Outlook app, I don't think it mattered which account was primary, but in the new Outlook app for Windows, if you are running Outlook with multiple M365 accounts, the Dynamics 365 app for Outlook will only run when you make the M365 account PRIMARY. 


Settings > View all settings > Email accounts > Click Manage on the M365 account associated with D365 > Set as primary account > Restart Outlook app.


Thanks for the update.


I see the same behavior with MyDay Tasks in the New Outlook.  It works properly with the primary account only.

I reported to Microsoft several weeks ago. 



I confirm this behaviour. 
I have 2 organizational accounts, and addins works only on this account which is set as primary.

Microsoft team: please solve this - I like pre version, but due this addins issue I still have to keep opened pre and old desktop version


My work email is set as primary but I still am missing all my add ins, the most important of which is the Report Email button that sends suspect email directly to Security



@Bret_Bachelor The Report actions are available for me under the ellipsis. In the screenshot below, I have customised the actions to include the Report Junk button in the email previewer.




Hi I had the Salesforfce plug-in enabled on the old outlook, but this does not appear to show up on the new outlook. Any suggestions please ?

I reverted back to an older build, which brought back the add-ins.

I just picked Build 16501.20196