Wanted emails REFUSE to go into Inbox and always end in Junkmail

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Hi there,
Just looking for some advice or a workaround...
I have a uni email address that is forwarded to my personal email address so I don’t miss anything and to keep everything in the one place.
To start with all of this mail was ending up in Junk Mail so I used the “this is not junk” function (which did not work). I also added the email address to VIP so it has the little yellow star, however I still have to manually move every single email I get from my uni email across to my inbox. Sometimes a random one will automatically go into normal inbox but 95% of the time it goes straight to junk. Any ideas on how to fix?

Also - my junk mail used to receive approx 1 junk email per week. I’m now being absolutely bombarded with junk emails which are all similar, but when I press to “block” the sender it is just sent via a different email that’s slightly varied... any ideas why this would increase so much so suddenly and how to stop it?
Thanks in advance.
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