Vote for Outlook for iPhone without routing through third party servers

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If you check the privacy policy of the Outlook for iPhone app you will see that emails, credentials and data is stored and processed by a third party company named acompli. They name it a MS company but why should MS not just use their own servers in their datacenters for mobile users?


Perhaps that now you ask yourself why we do not just use Echange connect through the native iPhone apps. As we had problems with a calendar in Office 365 I opened a supportcase and asked for help. MS wouldn´t investigate the problem as we use the iPhone´s native apps for mail, calendar etc. even though the problem must have been an issue related to permissions in the backend as I could see calendar details I shouldn´t see. They just closed the case because they only support Outlook and Outlook WebApp. WepApp doesn´t work properly in our environment. It just stops syncing after some days. So the only app we could use is Outloo for iPhone which doesn´t fit our needs for compliance.


Please vote for a compliant Outlook App for iPhone without third party. Thanks

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It doesnt look like you have been following the news lately :) Accompli has been aquired by MS and the move to MS servers is almost complete.


As for the native apps on iOS (or any other mobile OS for that matter), Microsoft cannot and will not support you on issues with those. It's simply out of their hands, the vendors are the ones that decide how to implement the ActiveSync protocol and any issues should be addressed by vendor's support. Few times we've actually seen Microsoft stepping in and making server-side changed to be used as a workaround until Apple devs fix their client, but that's an exception.

Thanks for that update. You are right, I didn´t follow these news. Do you have a link on that?


If the privacy policy will be changed we would be lucky and will be using the Outlook App.


Rule #1 of posting on online forums (of any type): Before posting, do some research. Use your favorite search engine, including DuckDuckGo, to check for common search phrases that might unearth an answer to your question. For instance, in this case a search for "Acompli Outlook app third-party" turns up many interesting topics, including my own piece from 18 months ago and the actual privacy policy that is in force for any clients that have not yet transitioned to the new architecture All of which goes to prove that the Internet really does have a lot of information to mine if only you care to look. And those who do care to look will find that their questions are treated with a lot more respect than those who don't. Just saying. For everyone's benefit.

You are right Tony. I tried google, but it seemed that I used the worng search Terms.


Thanks for your help and for providing the link.

Ready Tony's blog, and stay tuned for some news very soon. Really really soon.

I'm sure Allen meant to say "read" rather than "ready"... He knows the text of the article well because he helped me to understand what's really happening behind the scenes. 


The article is posted at I anticipate that Microsoft will provide an update on the progress of moving user data for the Outlook mobile apps off Amazon Web Services to Office 365 at Ignite next week.

Ohh excited, like Ignite soon?

Is there any additional information when this new infrastructure will go live? It sounded like it has already been shipped.
I didn't find any information about the release date and if I believe the privacy policy that is linked in the recently updated iOS app there is no change since February 2015.

According to Microsoft (at Ignite last week), the new infrastructure is deployed and active for all users who have Office 365 accounts. It will take some additional time to move users who have non-Microsoft accounts (for example, Gmail users) or those with on-premises accounts. Reported on (all the news that's fit to print, etc., etc.)