View the calendars of your direct reports team

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Is it possible to add your direct reports Teams calendar in Outlook? For example, Ryan has 2 direct reports named Mario and Phil. In the Outlook calendar view you will see Team: Ryan with his 2 direct reports calendars underneath. This is called “Show Manager’s Team Calendars”. Let’s say Mario has direct reports underneath him. Is there a way to add permissions for Ryan to see Mario's team calendar and Mario's direct reports calendar in the same grouping? Such as Team: Mario and his direct reports. Here is an example screen shot:



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In the same place where you toggle "Show manager's team calendar", click the "Show team calendars" entry instead.

@Vasil Michev That is checked. If my direct reports have their own employees. I want to see their calendars in the same way.  


Team: Ryan

  • Mario
  • Phil

I want to see Mario's employees in the same grouping.

For example:

  • Team: Mario
    • Mary
    • John