View Group membership in outlook app for any user

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Earlier version of Outlook Desktop application use to provide Group / DL membership information of any user, within the user property window opened from the Address Book or from any email.


But the latest version of Outlook Windows app as well as the Outlook Webapp for Microsoft 365 no longer provide this Group / DL membership info within the User property.


Does this require some configuration change at the Admin level (Hide Microsoft 365 Groups from the global address list) ?


OR Is there an alternate option available within the new Outlook Windows app to view the Group / DL membership of any user?

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"New" Outlook (and the rest of the M365 apps) use the "profile card" nowadays, and while you can customize certain aspects of it, Group membership currently not available. You can still switch to the "classic" Outlook on Windows, where you do get a "Membership" tab.

Thanks Vasil - appreciate your response.


It will be nice if the new Outlook app is released with this feature at the earliest - is it part of the roadmap?



We are running into the same issue.  Please add this tab back microsoft.