VIDEO: Quick Steps Feature is Available in Outlook for the Web: Process Multiple Actions in One Step


Quick Steps has joined the Outlook Online Features family.

Once upon a time, Quick Steps, customized shortcut keys, were available in Outlook Windows only. Outlook Online users have been waiting patiently to assign multiple actions in one step.  

Check out the video to learn more.




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Dear @Teresa_Cyrus 


It is great that Quick Steps is available in Outlook online, however there is one key Quick Step that's missing - the ability to click on a Quick Step and send an email to a pre-populated Recipient(s) with text applied in advance - my firm uses this feature in Outlook for Windows thousands of times a day.  Is it coming in the future to Outlook online? (I've checked the MS Roadmap but cannot find it anywhere).  Much obliged for your consideration.



As of now, Microsoft has not announced any plans to enhance Quick Steps. However, you can use the MyTemplate feature to pre-populate text, but it has some limitations. For instance, you cannot include images due to the size limitation of 32KBs. For pre-populated recipients, you can contact your IT Department to create a contact group so that you can easily select it from the To field.



Last recommendation: I would recommend giving Microsoft feedback on this issue.


Feedback Portal: Add how you use quick steps in the feedback portal, and post the link in this thread so others can vote. You can also encourage your team to vote. :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes: The feedback team may update the status that aligns with their decisions.


Next, while in Outlook for the Web or New Outlook, click on Help | Feedback. Post the same information with the link to your feedback. This way, Microsoft can see your feedback and the number of votes. 


If you find this information helpful, please mark it as the best response, which will assist others with the same question.

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