Very large meeting invite tracking list

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@Vasil Michev I sent a meeting invite to a very large group of members (2000), I didn't ask for the email confirmation to avoid crashing my inbox, however, I need to have an accurate list of attendees and their responses. Any suggestions on how do I proceed?

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Hm, not sure if the new "democratized" model is applicable to such large numbers, @Julia Foran will know though :)

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@Vasil Michev @JulianaSantos If responses are not requested, we do not track accepts/declines/etc. We have heard that users would like us to change this behavior, and it's high in our backlog list. In the meantime, the best recommendation I have is to send the meeting invite with responses requested, and then create an inbox rule to delete (or move all responses) to a certain folder -- the rule can just be based on the subject line matching title of meeting.

@Julia Foran very good suggestion, thank you. The issue is that I had sent the invites already and I didn't request the response. It was a rookie error, I could have sent the invite in batches of 400, so I would be able to have the tracking report. Learned the lesson :)

Sure! Also we now support up to 2000 recipients, and a DL is only counted as 1 recipient.
Hi Julia,

Is there a rule that can be created where invitees can disable accept/decline email notifications from other invitees? This is the major pain point for my organization, concerning invite responses.