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I have been trying to edit some stuff on my profile, but Microsoft wants me to enter a verification code to access the page. However, sending it either to my security email or my phone results in nothing ever arriving. I know for a fact the email is correct because I was receiving security updates from Microsoft there just yesterday. It's not in my spam box, either. I have read some tips on this board but they result in drastic action (a 30-day reset, etc.) that I don't want to have to take yet. I would appreciate some help on this matter.

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I can see this is known issue.

Do follow below article for the same.

@Sarthak89 As I mentioned, I don't want to have to resort to any of those things yet. I'm hoping someone from Microsoft will get back to me here sometime soon.

@martienne17  Hi.

MTC is a Public Forum - no one here has access to the account of other users, you can only get general information.

The verification code might be in the Junk, or in the Other Messages folder.

Only the Microsoft support form is a good direction.

Thanks for your reply, it does appear I had sort of misunderstood what this forum is.

In any case, this is where I fess up to my dumbssery and leave a comment that might help someone else in the future who makes the same mistake. It turns out that after you press the button to select your alternate email or your phone number to receive a code at, the box that loads next is asking you to confirm your security information, not enter the code. I have been letting it sit on that screen for hours while it was asking me for information! Don't make the same mistake.
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