VBA code to send auto emails from Outlook App based conditions set in Excel

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I am looking for VBA code to automate a reminder sending emails. For Ex, I sent 5 emails consisting of XYZ details & i got response for 2emails which I sent and rest 3 didn't responded so I want to create a VBA so that a reminder should be sent to those recipients who have not responded yet.

I maintain a tracker in a spreadsheet which has column A to M & column M has the recipients email ID and column L has the status as " Send Reminder" for which rows I need to send the reminder.

while sending this reminder i want all the details from column B to J should be there as HTML body of the email with with "XYZ" comment before those HTML body. It shouldn't be a separate email for each rows, For Ex: If rows number 2 & 5 has the same recipients then a single should be sent consisting of those rows as HTML Body in the mail.

CC will have the fixed recipients as "XYZ@yahoo.com" & "ABC@gmail.com"

Subject will be fix as "MNO"

If each rows is having different recipients then a separate email should be sent to them.

I'll have such 1 to 300 rows in my spreadsheet for which this VBA need to be designed.


I tried my way to design this but getting fail in making it as single email if recipients are same in some of the rows.


Looking for someone who can help me over here.

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