Using Shortkeys from Microsoft Word to Outlook

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There is this feature that is present in Microsoft word that I need to be available in Microsoft Outlook for my emails.


In Word I go to Word Options>Customize Ribbon>Keyboard Shortcuts>Customize . There is many reasons I do this but the main reason is so I can go to "All Commands" and choose Color so I can have a shortkey to automatically change any highlighted font to red or black letters for any shortkey I command it to, etc.


With Outlook I can go to the Customize Ribbon, but it doesn't give me an option to customize keyboard shortcuts to use in Outlook, nor do the shortcuts I make for Microsoft word work across other Microsoft apps like others do.


Can this be integrated into outlook or at least the shortkeys I program for Word work across all microsoft programs?


Please let me know if this is possible.

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Hi TechCommunity Followers,


The short answer is this request cannot be done.

Check out Charles Kenyon's and Stefan Blom's workaround response to this question.