using alias as primary email

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So I have a Microsoft account that I have been using to login to windows since windows 8, in the format


The email for is NOT hosted with Microsoft, it is used only for login.


Then I decided to make use of Microsoft free email account, this was back when it was

so I added an alias of

This used to work with the old windows live mail.


Since it has become, everything has changed and I now have a problems.

It wants to use my primary login as the email address, which of course it cannot since it is not hosted with Microsoft.

If I try to add to outlook desktop app, this doesn't work.
It creates a user named "outlook_DE4D13B44.....etc" and won't actually download the mail.

I cannot change my primary alias to as this will break all the services which I have linked to my Microsoft account for authentication.

Is there any way I can still have my Microsoft login as but use in outlook



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