User Outlook desktop app cannot connect to exchange server


Hello, glad to have found this forum, hoping I can find my answer here.

I have a very unusual case with 1 user where their outlook desktop app keeps getting disconnected from the exchange server, and cannot reconnect.   I have tried everything from the article below:


In a nutshell, I have tried rebooting his system, re-creating new user profiles for the user, even re-installed office on his machine.   What's strange is that the user is able to connect after creating a new profile, but then the same issue comes back after a few days, and the user cannot reconnect again. 


I am going to run the SARA diagnostic tool and send results to MS support, but was hoping if anyone here has run into this isssue before.  This is only happening to this 1 user.  I have verified that his network connection isn't the issue, as he's able to connect to web pages and use Teams.  


The user is also able to access mail via Outlook web app no problem, so this issue really looks like his desktop app.


Thanks in advance for any help.



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