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I'm a noob... maybe I am missing a trick...

I recently tried to add an Outlook email alias and was told Email address removed isn't available. Stupid email address, but I was trying all sorts of combinations with no success. I did manage to create Email address removed (now removed), but that's not really much use. I suspect someone has run a bot to create all manner of bogus, unused email addresses, simply to be a pain. 

I am more then willing to pay an annual subscription of (say) 10 cents a year for a general user MS supported email domain (e.g. "") that you can only use if you supply valid credit card details. I have no use for a private domain, where I can be charged mega-bucks, but I can easily cope with $1 a year for an email, with nine aliases.

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The question I posted removed two email addresses (I'll look out for that next time) that are poignant for this topis.

The first (disallowed email address): tb-lotto-z1x2c3   @

The second (permitted) addr was just random letters: z1234jklhfrh78fy45grhjgf @


(as I said.. I'm a noob... sorry)


You've posted this in the Tech Community Ideas space, which is intended for ideas for the Microsoft Tech Community website, not questions about products such as Outlook. Sorry about that.


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I just prepared a blog post and video about the alias email addresses. 

Here is the link to the video that explains what is an email address, when to use it, discussions on limitations and guidelines.

IMPORTANT: Once you delete an alias email, it is gone forever.  So make sure you don't delete your primary email address.  

Here is the link to Microsoft on how to add and remove an email address for  The instructions are different for and Business Subscriptions.