Use Outlook to view/send email. 5/19/21, Outlook email suddenly quit syncing for

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AOL accounts were supposed to continue to sync via Outlook. Yesterday, 5/19/21, syncing for both my AOL accounts suddenly stopped. Afraid if I try to set up the accounts again, it won't work because you can no longer configure AOL accounts to be viewed in Outlook.

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Diana, I had the same issue and have not been able to resolve it on my own. Have you been able to get it resolved, or have you just went back to using AOL through your browser? Thanks,


Even enlisting the help of an experienced IT professional who works for major corporations, I was not able to get it to sync again, because of the two-step verfication issues. MS blames this AOL feature for not being able to retrieve our mail through Outlook. Now I have to go online to to get my mail.


It also lost my calendar entries, and they were not able to be recovered. So now I have a work email from MS, a personal email w/MS I don't use, TWO calendar entries for everything from the issue date forward (that I can't get down to just one), and an AOL mail account that is free now, but full of ads and not working as well as it did through Outlook. Terrific.


I guess it's more important to MS that we think they're protecting us from ourselves so we'll do everything through them, but I am not inclined to do so with any company I deal with. Exclusivity breeds sloppiness in service, and we see this with many of MS's services. Media Player, for instance, has programming glitches beyond belief, that they could resolve if they had the incentive. They are time-consuming to correct and you can't even go into the file names and correct them yourself.


Diana, @Diana_Kempton 


Thanks for the reply. I was not a big fan of Outlook to begin with, as it seemed to also have a lot of glitches and would sometimes require a full restart to get it to open, after it closed. AOL is a lot slower to work with than Outlook WAS. Makes no sense why they changed things, though it might have been easier than fixing some of the issues. As I use my AOL address for business, as well as personal, it would very time consuming to get everything reliably changed over to a different account, i.e. @Outlook.


Sorry to hear you're also having issues with some of their other products, but you're right on about the exclusivity factors. And I also don't need ANYONE protecting me from myself, or thinking they know what's best for me. Unfortunately, "Big Tech" is doing everything in their power, to make that happen.


Thanks again and best to you!!