upgraded to Outlook for mac 16.72.3, now outlook won't sync

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Last week as part of my Office 365 subscription I was upgraded to Outlook 16.72.3 for mac.  Now, my Outlook will not sync for email, I am getting nothing.  I was getting emails very slowly when first upgraded, but now not at all.  The previous version worked flawlessly and instantly synced every time it was opened or when I hit sync.  I haven't changed any settings.  And no, I am not in offline mode. Any thoughts - I need this to work, I am paying for a useless piece of software here and I must have quick access to email.

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I'm having this same issue - I'm wondering if this is a bug and needs another update to fix. Need help on this!

Same issue here. I have contacted MS support, and it's now been escalated to a 3rd tier tech but still no resolution. We tried several trouble shooting steps. Unfortunately, without a fix Outlook for MAC is worthless. @kbeecher 

Microsoft is not doing much about this issue. Not enough people are reporting it. They have me going through a bunch of troubleshooting. It does seem like it worked fine in the previous version. Outlook does not sync at all on my MAC. I get constant error messages, and the contents of my inbox disappear. @soffiawardy