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I'm just wondering how many years it takes to change the phone number in my account. Every time I try, I have to wait 30 days for security reasons. I let the time pass and then when I try to change it, the timer starts again. 90 days so far. Tech support doesn't know how to help me. They just tell me to wait again. Just about to abandon hotmail completely and go with a service that can provide at least some level of support.

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"You received this message because all the security info (such as alternate contact methods) that you previously added to your account was removed and replaced with new info and you need to wait 30-days for the changes to take effect."

“Your security info change is still pending” or “You can’t access this site right now” Microsoft acc...

If there were other verification methods added to your account -> that is, a different phone number, email address, or 2 email addresses as auxiliary in security, it would not be a problem, but because you delete everything - this is the procedure and expectation.

@A1-A1 thank you for the response but that's not whats happening. I have a laptop that has the PIN required to sign in. Its says there's a problem with the PIN and to update it. It then asks for my login and password and then it wants to send a code to a phone number that I no longer have. I try to change the phone number from a different computer and then it makes me wait 30 days. I cannot change the phone number or add an alternate email or phone number because it wants to send a code to a number that I dont have. I let the 30 days elapse and it does the same thing over and over. Its a six month old computer and I'm probably going to throw it away and start with a new one. Probably an Apple. Its so frustrating that microsoft is doing this. I would rather have no security so that at least I can use the computer. Thanks for your time.