Unanimous signature - Applied as disclaimer - Exchange Admin center

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We are implementing unanimous signature for all, using disclaimer option from exchange admin center.
We have written HTML code for the required signature design.
We have succeeded in fetching information from AD using tokens. We also inserted images like company logo, social media images for official pages for company.

It works in OWA. But we are facing issue in alignment & image compatability in Outlook desktop. Please find the screenshot in OWA & Outlook desktop. Please suggest




In Outlook desktop,




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Hi @Archana04 


Outlook Desktop uses Word has it's HTML renderer and seems to be more fussy when it comes to getting elements to line up correctly. In the past, I've had clients get the alignment looking correct in Word, exporting as html and adapting their signature to match but it's a finnicky an awkward process.

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@Archana04Reduce the image size to 96dpi and try to align. It works. Please refer the below link.