Unable to view old emails

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Within Windows Outlook Client, there used be a link to click on, "Click here to view more on Microsoft Exchange", that shows up to view older emails. It is now gone, did something change?

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The "Click here to view more on Microsoft Exchange" link in Outlook is used to access older emails that are not currently synced to your computer. It's possible that the link may not be visible for a few reasons, such as:

  1. Change in sync settings: The link may not be visible if your sync settings have been changed to only display a limited number of emails in your mailbox. You can check your sync settings by going to File > Account Settings > Account Settings > select your email account > Change > More Settings > Advanced. Under the "Cached Exchange Mode Settings" section, make sure that "Use Cached Exchange Mode" is checked and that "Mail to keep offline" is set to a value greater than 12 months (or the desired time frame for the older emails you want to access).
  2. Network connectivity issues: The link may not be visible if there are network connectivity issues preventing your Outlook client from connecting to the Exchange server. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection and that there are no firewall or proxy settings blocking access to the Exchange server.
  3. Exchange Server Configuration: If the Exchange server has been configured to not allow users to access older emails, then the "Click here to view more on Microsoft Exchange" link may not be visible.
  4. Outlook Not Showing Old Emails


If you have checked the above possible issues and the problem still persists, you may need to contact your IT department or Exchange administrator for further assistance.


I hope these suggestions help you resolve your issues with Outlook.

@NikolinoDE, thanks for your response! I had increased the date to 1 year in the GPO. Emails only goes back to 1 year now when listing emails. I had tried to set it to "All" but it goes back to 3 days for some reason and if I set it to 5 years, it takes a long time to sync all those emails. Any thoughts on how to get back that hyperlink to view older email? (Ie goes back to a year but if you want to view older emails you can click on a hyperlink)


I just read your response to vhuang's question, which says to go to File/Account Settings.  I am using the most current verion of Outlook.  There is no Account Settings under the File menu.  Can you please send detailed instructions on how to access these settings in the current Outlook version?