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hi, I am getting error code 1805 and unable to sign into any of the apps on a Mac. adv ice please?



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One of my users is getting the same error message, she can't do anything with Microsoft Office Apps @LeeB950 

Same here, my Mac users are unable to use the Outlook app

for what its worth, I too am experiencing the same issue. Contacted MS help , 'they will look into it' apparently will cal me back tomorrow... I don't have a lot of confidence in the call handler doing that.

Bit of a pain tbh. I can use the web base version but its a pain to do so and doesn't have my company logo etc.


I have the same issue since this weekend.
Can't open mij mailbox in Outlook, but I can still use a shared mailbox.
Also I can't edit any Excel file.
I need to register Excel, but it gives me the same error.

Reinstalling Office fixed it for a short time.

I hope there is a solution soon.

Hi everyone,

Is there any solution to this issue? I am experiencing this issue since today morning as well.

Many thanks in advance.

It's happening to me too. Noticed it today. Cleared the Office365 authorization and the account passwords with KeyChain Access to no avail...
This solution sucks - quit outlook - rename the current outllook.app something like outlook16.64 which is the version that does not work. Go get the previous version and install it and now your outlook will work. There is something in this new version that was updated on the 5th that is causing the 1805 errors "something went wrong" - Great error MSFT!!!. There has to be a ton of people with this issue, but it only impacts Outlook and M365 accounts. If you use outlook with gmail then there is no impact. I am surprised that i could not find more people bitching about this error today. I did have MSFT on the phone with me but that was not that helpful. So I took matters into my own hands and reverted back one version. All good now


This is Pat from Microsoft 365 Support. As discussed, I will be investigating your issue. In the meantime, please try these steps below:

Ensure to follow the procedure below to create a new Outlook profile on Mac
1. Click on Finder, open the Applications folder.
2. Ctrl+click or right-click Microsoft Outlook, and then click Show Package Contents.
3. Open Contents > SharedSupport, and then double-click Outlook Profile Manager.
4. Select the profile that you want as default.
5. click Set the default profile.
6. Open the Outlook and add the email address again

try it 

was a long time 

had to uninstall and then reinstall 

@gtmtek Where do you get the previous version?

I’ve been a 365 business user for 5 years
The app (IOS) version works on my iPhone, MacBook , iPad, and MS Surface pro but the 1805 fault was solely on my Mac
I use the latest update software for both IOS ( Monterey) and updated the MS office apps
I too have been having this message since the August 2nd: multiple attempts to restore the account has worked, but again this morning it is broken with the 1805 error only to restore itself after a restart. Most odd. Its a Apple Silicon device. Others are working well (intel and silicon)
Just hope Microsoft get this resolved as soon as possible
Just had the same issue now on word ! ffs
Outlook is a joke. Problems after problems, I’ve not been receiving my emails for weeks but the spam gets through and spamming flagged emails. :pouting_face: no point blocking them or reporting them because they don’t get blocked, they end up going to your deleted box. SORT IT OUT MICROSOFT!
I’m on my iPad not pc. Tried everything and nothing works.

@ have tried everything as well. No solutions. 


Can confirm we have multiple users experiencing this issue. Any updates on a work around or fix? Web apps and sign in seem to be functioning fine.

Outlook also appears to keep working as long as it is already signed in

Just want to update that this issue has been resolved for me. I haven't done anything to solve it though. Came into work this morning, rebooted my computer and the error was no longer there. Good luck everyone. 

so here goes, 

for Mac Users 

one step at a time

firstly back up you docs etc. 

go and delete outlook as the app from you mac

then go to Mac App Store, download the new version of Outlook 

It cleared that 

Ive had to do it for each app from the office suite 


what a faff. 

best of luck @LeeB950