Unable to share calendars: There was a problem connecting you to the shared calendar.

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Outlook calendar error.pngOWA calendar issue.pngI am no longer able to add shared calendars to any users in my organization. I always get the following error message in Outlook 2016 when I try to accept an invitation to a shared calendar : "There was a problem connecting you to the shared calendar. Please ask the person who invited you to send another sharing invitation".


If I try in OWA, I click the "Accept" button but it doesn't do anything. Does anyone have a fix for this? Thanks.




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@Jason Drew 

Did you ever manage to fix this?

We are having the same problem.


First, make sure you have atleast Reviewer Privilege on SHARED Calendar.

if yes, then follow the below steps.

From the perspective of the Outlook client, "Download shared folders" may cause issues like this. So, please uncheck this option like below, restart your Outlook, and see if it works. (File > Account Settings > Account Settings > Double click your email account > More settings > Advanced)
A corrupted Outlook profile can also lead this issue, please try creating a new Outlook profile via Control Panel > Mail > Show profile and using this new Outlook profile to see if there is any difference.

If the above steps doesn't work then try on OWA...

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Actually there is a bug with using a disclaimer and the invitation mail to accept the shared Calendar.
Microsoft is working on it as we speak.

Hi Team,

I am also getting the same error while accepting the shared calendar with disclaimer by one of my colleague. Can we have any solution on this? Thanks.

Suresh Bommineni

@Sureshee Still no update on this from Microsoft?? 

@Hglasscock Microsoft had closed our ticket and never heard from them since.

We just ran into this error and it was indeed because the disclaimer was in the email.  We updated the transport rule and added an exception that if the subject line matches "You're invited to share this calendar" then to not add the disclaimer.


Just searched this and Microsoft has a KB about the disclaimer: