Unable to save Outlook attachment to long path location

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Need help, I have logistics and engineering clients that are not able to save attachments from MS Outlook due to long character limit, getting error like 'File name is not valid' or 'You can't save here'.

All solution I find is for copying files but not for saving attachments using MS outlook.



Windows 10

Windows 11


Issue replication steps:

  1. I created a shared folder.
  2. Added nested sub folders.


Solutions tried but not working:

  1. Restarted the PC.
  2. Ran Windows update and Microsoft update.
  3. Online repair MS office.
  4. Uninstalled and installed MS office.
  5. Modified registry and restarted the PC.




I also noticed that if you clicked on the deepest folder (test folder 3), it's giving a randomized characters shown in below screenshots.


Not accepted Solutions as Apple / Mac users are able to save using MS Outlook:

  1. Shorten/rename folder name and file name.
  2. Save in local drive and move to shared folder.



  1. Open the Windows explorer and go to the deepest / long path folder.
  2. Back to email and select all attachments.
  3. Drag and drop the attachments to the shared folder (deep folder path).


Note: Clients are not satisfied with the workaround as they want to do the normal process.






test folder 2





test folder 3














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