Unable to open the email in new windows when double click the email.

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Dear Support,


i'm using windows 8.1 Pro and Microsoft office 365


We have try to do some setup for my Microsoft Apps the issue still there

 1. Reinstall the software

 2. Reconfigure the email profile at control panel

 3. Disable all Addins

 4. Setup the email as POP3 and IMAP

 5. Quick & Online repair for outlook 


Anyone can help me on this issue ?

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Hi, Can some one help me, why I am not able to open emails in new tab when double clicked

The issue has been identified by Microsoft and they are working on this, currently they haven't mentioned any ETA for this service degradation

January 10, 2022 4:37 PM
Title: Users can't open email messages in a new window or tab within Outlook on the web

User Impact: Users may be unable to open email messages in a new window or tab when using Outlook on the web.

Current status: We're looking into recent service update deployments to determine if they contained any issues that may have resulted in this impact, which will help us to formulate our next troubleshooting steps.

Scope of impact: This issue could impact any user.

Next update by: Monday, January 10, 2022, 7:30 PM (7:30 PM UTC)

@Alex_KohI am having the same issue.  It started today 1/10/22.  It was fine yesterday.

Ditto that. Looking forward to an update here.

@ahedger @Alex_Koh following, as well. I am experiencing the same symptom. I tested this once in Microsoft Edge browser earlier today. No problem. I started using Edge for a few hours and now, it is also experienced in Edge. 

I have the same problem, it started last Friday.
Resolved, for me, now! :hundred_points:

@coreychan98033Mine is now working today finally.  All is good with the world now.  :smile:

@clc_shekar Resolved since Fri. Thank you!

Having this issue now, what is the fix?