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The New Outlook for Windows is not opening after a recent update to the app. The app gets stuck on the login screen while a new browser tab opens with an error message. I tried reinstalling the app but there is no effect. For context I added Outlook, M365, Gmail & Google Workspace account to the app. On another app installation, I only have work M365 & Google Workspace account, the app works fine there. 

Anyone else who faced this problem?




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Thanks. Good luck to you.
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Confirming that this issue is resolved now. I can open & use the app normally. What is even better, everything synced back from cloud, so I just had to authenticate into my Google Accounts and that is it!

It was an app bug as I originally thought.

Thanks to the team for fixing this!

Great news. I wonder why I was able to make it work by just creating a new user on the same machine and same OS. 

@Rohit Yadav 

Not sure about that. Whatever caused the bug, it was a weird one. Initially I thought this to connected with any account type, but seeing how it got fixed for you, it was something else in the app.
Either way, it is fixed now and glad we can continue using the app :)

@Rohit Yadav 


I had this issue all day and even tried the Microsoft Support and Account Recovery tools, but nothing worked.  Our IT found this and it actually worked!