Unable to attach cloud documents using SharePoint Online in Outlook 2016

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I would like to attach a document saved in a Document library on a SharePoint Online site. If I use Attach File>Browse Web Locations>Sites>Recent Folders and select a folder it then launches File Explorer Insert File in my local My Documents folder.

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Which version of Outlook are you using? The steps you detailed above should open the "Insert File" dialog, not File explorer.

Thank you, Vasil. You are correct. It does open it the Insert File dialog, but pointing to 'My Documents' instead of the selected path. Outlook 2016 version 1706 (Build 8229.2103)

I'm on FR for deferrec, version 1705 (8201.2158) and it works as expected for me. Perhaps a regression introduced in your version?

Were you ever able to solve this?  We have the same issues.  Outlook 2016 v 1708.  SharePoint online.  Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. 

This seems to be working now with most folders under 'Recent' but there is one that is defaulting to My Documents. I'm wondering if it has to do with it being synced via OneDrive.

Seems like a bug that we have to sync entire libraries just to attach files in them to emails.

@Peter McdermottHas this been resolved?  It was working for us up in Outlook Online until the last month or so and now I see that the option to attach from SharePoint is no longer there.



It looks like you can now do this in browser in Outlook Online. Instead of SharePoint though, I selected group and was able to find my files that way. Best of luck! Still stuck on Outlook 2016, so I'm not sure what improvements are coming there.

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Question for everyone - I am new to using this so not sure if I am doing it right. 

we just joined the Sharepoint world. We have modern Sharepoint  but can't seem to get anything other than Recent documents and Recent Links to attach from Outlook.  Our developers are helpful but only workaround so far addresses accesing our Teams sites through Groups but accessing the doc libraries in our comm sites are all dependent on having used the file.  Is there anything other than a 3rd party add in for a complete solutions?