Unable to add shared folder on OWA

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In setting up a new Microsoft 365 organization, I created several Business Basic and Business Premium users.  Afterwards, I created a shared mailbox and added myself as one of its members.  In going to my OWA and RMB clicking on Folders to Add Shared Folder, the new shared mailbox does not present itself, only my other created users.  Am I missing something?

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How long since you created the Shared mailbox?  May just need a little time.

@PeterRising   I created one yesterday and tried to test it (sending email to it).  Then decided to create another one today.  Neither are present on the Add Shared folder selection list.





And you have full access permission under mailbox delegation?


Yes,  after trying a few things like sending test emails into it, setting forwarding for the shared account, both yesterday's and today's shared account showed up in the search for Add Shared Folder only after I typed in the full email address including domain.   So I'm good at this point but not quite the behavior I was expecting.   BTW slightly different question, does it matter if I created the account through Microsoft 365 admin center->Groups->Shared Mailboxes vs Exchange admin center->shared?  I notice they have different form/dialogs between the two.



Weird behaviour as you say.  At least you got access to it.


No, it makes no difference where you add the shared mailbox.  The result is the same.  I generally lean towards creating in the Exchange Admin Center though personally.