Unable to add members to Group

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Is this because I'm using the free MS365?

I have a ~5y old bought version of Outlook, but am trying to use the free internet MS365 version for a mixed Group of Mac/Google/MS people needing to access and use a Group Calendar.

Two weeks ago, I managed to set one up for a few people, but had to delete it for other reasons; last week I successfully created a new Group, with Calendar, but am unable to add any members - be they icloud/gmail or even Outlook.com users, with the message "The following person couldn't be added. Try Again. Anybody know why, and how to fix this?

PS. https://support.microsoft.com/ says there's Chat support for Outlook.com users, but there's no "?" icon top right, only a lightbulb. Is Chat only available for paid versions?

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Finally managed to id the right Chat help; they confirmed this feature is only available if ALL members of the intended group subscribe to MS365... which unfortunately is not going to happen with such a mixed group.