unable to add google email account

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Just today, I was not able to access one of my email accounts (which is a gmail account) that I have had set up in outlook for ever on my MacBook Pro. I ended up removing the account and trying to add it back in...I went through all the steps of signing into google and allowing access and then it redirects me to add a new account again.  I noticed in a background screen that the google allow access page was still open as if it's still processing the request, but something was being blocked.  But nothing is being blocked.  I've been trying to add this account to my account for hours. 

Now, I just tried to add the account again, and it added it but it will not download any of my emails and when I try to send an email it gives me error code 49970. What the heck is going on?  All my other accounts which are gmail & google are doing fine and I can send & receive emails.


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@smelick It is the same with my gmail account . I have spent the last 20hours to trying to fix this issue without success. Any help?


@smelick . Went through an article when I came across this problem, You can try these steps below.

  1. Reset the Windows Mail App.
  2. Enable the Built-in Administrator account.
  3. Run System File checker 
  4. reinstall the mail app.

The first step worked well for me. You can always read here to get a better understanding of how these steps are used.

@Marcos1973 Spent several hours on the phone with Microsoft help. Trying to set up the email as a POP/IMAP account...No luck...Uninstalling & reinstalling office...No Luck. They were unable to solve the issue and escalated the problem. Magically, my outlook started working "partially" yesterday...and now seems fully operational today. Thank goodness! No idea how the problem was fixed. Hope your issue gets fixed too.