Turning off the delay-sending warning in Outlook

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I send work emails seven days a week to colleagues all over the world. Each message has nag-ware at the top suggesting I delay sending. How do I turn this message off? I want to send it and not be nagged about it.

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You can disable the Delay delivery nag from the following URL: https://myanalytics.microsoft.com/?v=settings&s=vivainsights
Expand the Protect Time section and scroll down to find the Delay Delivery Disabled toggle.

@Vasil Michev  Thanks for the prompt reply! But under Protect Time I only have:


Focus Plan Disabled

Configure Your Focus Tinme

How Much Focus Time

Morning or Afternoon?

Do not schedule before:

Silence Teams notifications? (yes)


No delay delivery....

Yeah I also get different experience across different accounts I use, and not sure why. Either licensing or rollout is still in progress...