Trying to create a shared contact group

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I am hoping I can get some help for this, but it's driving me insane.  

In the newer version of Outlook, and I am trying to create a shared contacts list that can be viewed, and edited by everyone with access to it.  We had one, but it somehow got deleted and I have to create a new one. 

I also need to be able to create contact groups WITHIN the shared contact list so we can send quick e-mails en-masse to different client companies.  Anyone know how to get this done?





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New Outlook does not currently support a shared contact list, but functionality improvements are expected in the future.


I recommend you provide Microsoft with feedback by selecting Help | Feeback { Make a Suggestion.



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@Teresa_Cyrus but it does though.  I had it active and working (at least between two of our accounts).  I just accidentally deleted the folder needed for it  because it was early and I was sleepy.  I am trying to get it back.