Trying to Archive inbox in outlook 2019

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I use a G Suite email in my outlook. I am looking to auto-archive everything that comes into my inbox. I use my inbox as a to do list, I want to "delete" from my inbox as I am done with certain projects without affecting the archive. I want the archive to be a history of ALL emails that came through my inbox. I cannot use the auto-archive feature built into outlook b/c from what I can tell that does not do what I need. The rule I made is as follows:


Apply this rule after message arrives

move a copy to the archive folder and mark it as read


From what I can tell, it works, but the messages are deleted out of Archive when deleted from inbox. This doesn't make sense to me as they should be copies, yet deleting in inbox deletes in the archive folder. Why is this? Is it intended and how can I fix the rules to do what I need/alternatives?


Thanks very much for any help!

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