Trying New Outlook - My View settings customized for senders is gone.

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I like the New Outlook a lot. I like the Group conversations setting and pinning. But one extremely helpful thing for me was in the prior version I had senders customized for fonts (size and color) so that when certain senders email me, their emails really stand out. Who wants to miss an email from their boss (or their boss's boss)???? I have scoured New Outlook, but I cannot see any settings for that.

Any info anyone?

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Hi @ssperbeckdcna 


I am an independent advisor answering Outlook questions.


First, let me say, you are the first person I encountered who provided a good review about the New Outlook other than me. :lol: It has potential, but I use Outlook Web 98% of my time. I am glad the Classic Outlook is being revamped. 


Currently, you cannot change a message's font size and color based on criteria.  It took me a while to "get over missing" this feature during my transition from classic to online. As a workaround, you can create a rule to pin to top and assign a category color. 




Also, Microsoft is requesting feedback from users.  That's the beauty of being an early adopter - Influence Change.


* In New Outlook, select Help | Feedback. 


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