Transferring PST file- Export Function in 365 doesn't acknowledge or copy Sent Mail folder contents

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In moving the contents of my old laptop to a new, both with Office 365, the export function doesn't even show the Sent Mail in my original system and therefore it doesn't copy any of it into the PST file it creates. That's even if I choose only the sent mail folder to copy. I'm sure if has something to do with the fact that the original email account is a POP3 that hasn't yet been migrated to Exchange. IN all cases I need the history of sent emails- does someone know a way to collect all the back Sent Mail so I can add it into the new system via .pst? If I simply copy the original PST file to the new system and bypass the export/import feature will I be able to see the Sent Email?

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I guess I can partially answer the question now. By exporting the mailboxes I needed from the original device and instead of importing them I used "Open" instead I have now at least moved the data to the new system. Since it didn't Synch in IMAP I didn't have a bunch of files removed, not to mention it took far less time. Now I have the data but it's in 6 separate data accounts in that Outlook screen to the left. I would like to find some way to combine the contents of accounts that are all from the same original email account.