Todo list in new outlook is a pain to use

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I am trying to get used to the new Outlook. For some reason my old outlook does not seem to work anymore (will not connect to the server), so for now I am stuck with the new one.

How do I organize the todo list? In the old version I had a list that was chronologically ordered, with tasksk with no due date at the top, then different sections for consecutive days, weeks, and months. That seems to have gone out the Window. 

If I go to the Todo pane and select "Planned", I almost see what I need, except that a number of tasks are missing (all tasks without a due date, also some with a due date). 

I can switch to "Tasks", which now shows all the tasks, but without any discernible order. 

When I click "Manage all tasks" (which, by the way simply threw me out of this discussion page and I had to start over again), I see all tasks in chronological order (after I selected "Sort by due date", but the tasks without a due date are still missing, and there is no grouping by day. And I don't want to switch to another app to ssee the list sort of in a way that I like. How do I sort the todo pane in a way  I like it?

Where can I find help?

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