Time problems with the Outlook web version

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Hi everyone,

I am using the Outlook website version as a Progressive Web Application (PWA) on Microsoft Edge and I have issues with the time it shows with the e-mail. I am living in India so I follow IST but the time it shows is 12 hours 30 minutes back as shown in the screenshot where the System Time which is in IST which can be compared with the e-mail timing which confuses me a lot. The same issue appears if I open the same Outlook account in Microsoft Edge. Please resolve this issue as soon as possible.



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Hi @TheShaunSaw 


Just to check - is the system time in the Outlook Web version showing in IST?




Top right of the screen > gear icon > all Outlook Settings > general > Language and Time.


Found out mine had reverted to USA time for some reason a couple of days ago.

Thank you very much @HidMov, for your great response :smile:

My language was changed to English (US) and time zone to pacific time and I reverted it back to where I live.