Thunderbird has single key command to show or hide message pane

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In Thunderbird you can VERY EASILY turn on or turn off the Message Viewing Pane by simply pressing F8. 


It looks like in Outlook you have to awkwardly plod through the menus and find the Reading Pane icon, click on it, then select Right Bottom or Off from the drop down. 


Is there a single key short cut for this, it doesn't seem as though I could even add this to the Quick Access Toolbar at the top. 


Does someone have to create some sort of custom macro to do this?

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Well I went ahead and created a VBA macro to show, hide, and then toggle the reading pane. Then I added a shortcut to the toggle macro on the quick access toolbar. So that works as desired. Don't see a way to add a shortcut keyboard command to the macro as can be done in Excel for instance. 


So if anyone knows of an easier way to do this, or if there is already a built-in command or shortcut let me know. 


One aspect of this is that you have to deal with the macro security, and the program being Outlook, with spam e-mails always a threat, enabling all macros seems risky.