This calendar already exists - when adding Calender from directory

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How can i add this calendar?


When i add a calender from my colleage i get the error that: "This calendar already exists". But i cannot yet access his calendar.



Here you see the calendar list i currently have. he is not in there:


The suggestions i get in AJAX:

  1. {Groups: [,…], Instrumentation: {TraceId: "1b814755-6954-467a-b76d-b4b855f242fd"}}
    1. Groups: [,…]
      1. 0: {Suggestions: [{Id: "9798b597-f236-4adc-8a7f-1234d4486b90@e151447c-e66a-42c8-9ef4-6003ae8c8680",…}],…}
        1. Suggestions: [{Id: "9798b597-f236-4adc-8a7f-1234d4486b90@e151447c-e66a-42c8-9ef4-6003ae8c8680",…}]
          1. 0: {Id: "9798b597-f236-4adc-8a7f-1234d4486b90@e151447c-e66a-42c8-9ef4-6003ae8c8680",…}
            1. ADObjectId: "75c9c9c5-ea49-4a0c-b741-a8eb50600c67"
            2. DisplayName: "strippedstripped"
            3. EmailAddresses: [""]
              1. 0: ""
            4. Id: "9798b597-f236-4adc-8a7f-1234d4486b90@e151447c-e66a-42c8-9ef4-6003ae8c8680"
            5. ImAddress: ""
            6. PeopleSubtype: "OrganizationUser"
            7. PeopleType: "Person"
            8. PersonaId: "AAUQAMXJyXVJ6gxKt0Go61BgDGc="
            9. PropertyHits: ["DisplayName"]
              1. 0: "DisplayName"
            10. QueryText: ""
            11. ReferenceId: "1b814755-6954-467a-b76d-b4b855f242fd.1000.1"
            12. Text: "stripped"
        2. Type: "People"
    2. Instrumentation: {TraceId: "1b814755-6954-467a-b76d-b4b855f242fd"}
      1. TraceId: "1b814755-6954-467a-b76d-b4b855f242fd"


If i search i can find his name in the following incoming http respones:


but somehow i cannot add his calendar?


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@Todd_Columbus i was able to fix it: asked my colleague to remove my editing rights on his agenda, then i was able to add his calendar again.