The new updated OUTLOOK app for Mac Users

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Did anyone else find that the new update to Outlook has actually made it slower?! 


here are a few issues I am coming across:

  • Once an email is sent, it sits in the outbox for ages before it is actually sent out. This delays an email send and is an issue when these days emails is the way to communicate.
  • Added inboxes to the old outlook are lost and there is no way to add those back when you switch to the new outlook. For eg; the notification inbox that we normally create to get errors notified etc... I lost access to that inbox and couldnt add it to the new look as there is no way to do so
  • mid-way during the day, the outlook instance becomes SOOOOO SLLLOOOWWWW that to click through an email, or folder or even moving emails from inbox to another folder is just impossible to do it quickly.

Hence I had to switch back to the old Outlook and definitely it seems way, way more faster than the new one.

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