The New Outlook Version 1.2023.727.100 No Appearance Settings

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I have been using the New Outlook for around 2 months and have yet to see any appearance setting in the appearance filed. I click appearance and it is just blank. Just to note this is Windows 10. Anyone have a solution for this? I have deleted and reinstalled the new app. 



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I have the same version as you, but I wasn't able to replicate the problem you're experiencing. Your left navigation looks quite different from mine. My suggestion would be to report the issue to Microsoft by selecting Help, then Support.







My Appearance options are blank as well.   Did you reach out to MS?  If so, what did they say?  @mrjtyree 



Mine is blank as well. I submitted a support ticket with a recording of the menu to MS, we'll see what htey say.

I also have this issue and so does everyone in my company using the new Outlook