The New Outlook for Mac - grouping emails

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In the New Outlook for Mac I don't seem to be able to group emails by the category. Am I missing something, is there a trick-way to do it or is my life completely ruined? :)

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What's the best way to reach out to Microsoft directly to ask for clarification on this?

I'm also not able to migrate mac contact groups to Outlook. The email group will import into outlook as just a regular contact without the group members or email contacts. From the documentation:, it refers to to enabling local folders. This is not available in the new Outlook mode. You also are not allowed (grayed out) able to create new groups in the new version.

There are other threads that suggest to use the old version of outlook. When you switch back to the old, it uses local folders but other features are not available. The old outlook does not work with apple iCal. Ideally, I would like to use the mac/iOS contact list to be consistent across my devices. At a minimum, I require the ability to create email groups.

Overall I like the new version for Mac, but the lack of group functionality is frustrating.