Text predictions unexpectedly become unavailable and are missing in Outlook options

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I don't see the option in outlook anymore and this was the greatest feature.  Does anyone know how to get it setup again or is this going to be corrected by Microsoft?

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Is this the Desktop app, or Outlook for the Web (OWA)?
this is the outlook for 365 for my desktop


The checkbox for this in the Desktop app is under File > Options > Mail:



@Hal Hostetler My system doesn't show this option anymore, why would it go away




Interesting. I did some checking and, while I can find a number of posts with the issue, I've yet to find a conclusive fix. I did find one post that offered a registry edit that might work. In this post, the person was looking for a way to turn it off organization wide and found it was controlled by this registry key:


Set DWORD "InlineTextPrediction" on (1) or off (0)

I checked my installation and this DWORD is not present, so it would be a default; adding it might force Outlook to show the checkbox. I cannot verify it one way or the other and if you have any reservations about editing the registry, by all means DO NOT! In several of the other posts I found, the setting came back all by itself. The post I reference is here: