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On one of my email addresses I sometimes get this "Your account has been locked"

"We’ve detected some activity that violates our Microsoft Services Agreement and have locked your account."

I can always log in fine but then I reply to an email and every so often it doesn't send and asks me to press a link, which opens a blank page.  But now I know I need to log out and try to log back in again and it says Your account has been locked.  I need to put in a mobile number and it unlocks it.  But lately it has been saying "Something went wrong" or the "Service under maintenance" now it's not accepting my phone number and I tried another phone number and that didn't work either.  I hope by tomorrow it will work again.


There is no reason why the account should be getting suspended, none of my other Microsoft accounts have ever been suspended and with this account that does get suspended I am only talking to one person via email about every day things, I receive no spam emails and my password is very very strong random letters/numbers/special.  I put my email in "Have I been pwned" but nothing there.  I guess the only thing it could be is someone using my email address to send spam without having access to my account, just using it for the from field.  But I never receive any postmaster undeliverable emails or anything.  The person I email uses Protonmail, I once had my email come back to me as it was flagged as spam by protonmail but it was just too long in length, so I cut out some of the old replies and resent it OK.


I don't know why this account keeps getting locked?  I don't use a VPN with it or anything.

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Hi @TechGuy185,


Did you try to change your password when you experienced this issue?

Are you using an account that's linked to Exchange? Message trace and message header analyzer can be done to check if the email you received of your account locked is not a phishing email. 


To use the message header analyzer- check the website mha.azurewebsites.net.  Select the message, click on view- message details to get the message analysis. Copy and paste the header into the box.

Get more information here - https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/connectivity-analyzer/message-header-analyzer.

Also, contact Microsoft Support for further investigation. 

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/Temitope Victoria




Yes, in the past I have changed my password when it has suspended me but it kept doing it, the password now is 20 characters, 128bits strength and unique.


I managed to unlock the account by waiting a few minutes after 12 Midnight and putting in my phone number again, it worked OK this time, there must be a limit to how often you can try in a day.


No, I don't use the account linked to Exchange, I just use it on the web.  I may just create a slightly different email and tell the person I email to use that address.

The message header looks normal I guess, just shows protonmail and outlook hosts. 


Thanks for the reply.