Teams button in Outlook for Mac V16.23 with exchange

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I've stumbled around in the forums and I can't seem to find a consistent answer to the two simple questions  (1) "is Teams directly integrated into Outlook for Mac" and (2) "what are the requisites to get it working if it is available"


As background, we have an office 365 for business premium subscription. The goal is to be able to directly schedule a teams meeting within Outlook for Mac.

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You should be able to directly schedule a meeting in teams see screenshot:

attached. It depends if your it admin set the teams mode on.

I have been trying to figure this out as well and I cannot get the Teams button to show up in Outlook for Mac v 16.23.  I have the latest Teams and the latest Outlook. Is there anything else we need to enable?

@BrettParkhurst did you manage to get it up and running? It works with Windows 10 and Exchange like a charm, but not with the Macs. 

Did anybody found a solution for this?



@WesneySilva no. I got the information from Microsoft that this is a known Bug. They are not sure when to fix this. 

There seems to be no issue when using Exchange Online though.