Tasks list in Microsoft Outlook - cannot move item

Janet Brooks
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In Microsoft outlook I have a tasks list linked to icloud.


I tried to delete 2 tasks, which are now not showing on icloud but are still showing on the desktop in Microsoft Outlook.

When I try to delete or amend these 2 tasks I get the error message Cannot move the item. The item cannot be moved. It was either already moved or deleted or access was denied. The other tasks that are still on the list seem to be working ok and I can alter and delete these.  I only have a problem with 2 tasks but would like to remove them from the tasks list, leaving all the others as is. Please help.

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A quick way would be to disable iCould's sync with Outlook from within the iCloud application. Then verify that the iCloud cache is deleted as well. After that, re-enable they sync and the iCloud add-in will recache the data.


thanks will try that


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