Tasks in Outlook Windows 11

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I am a frequent user of Outlook Tasks - the original version.  The reason I love it so much and it has become my go to for organization of emails and todo is because of the views that you are able to utilize.


I have my emails listed so that they look like an excel spreadsheet and on the right is the window with a view of the contents of emails.   My columns range from date/time received, from, subject, Note (I can put in a note based on any action that I took), and Meeting response.


The meeting response column does not allow me to edit and if it would - I think I'd be in heaven! 


My end goal is to have a quick list that I could sort by date and view if a meeting had been accepted etc.  I manage calendars for others so this is easier than having to view day to day and open the meetings.  


Please tell me there is someone out there with a quick fix?!:)


Thank you.



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