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I am having a problem with Outlook. I take care of 50 computers at work for the last few years. and one particular outlook accounts just keeps haunting me. It has had the same problem over 2 windows versions and 5 computers.

Currently It is set up on a  brand new Dell i7 as a IMAP account on outlook 365 on Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016.  email account on a dedicated server via hostgator


There is only 1 machine that gets these emails so that can be ruled out.

the IMAP server size is 38GB

I have deleted the local file and account and downloaded a fresh install of the emails and still have the problems.


There are a few problems:

In a nutshell emails are being lost. They just disappear off the local machine.

If you look at outlook and at the same time the IMAP email on round cube off the server they are not identical for a moment. If you click on a folder on the server it says for example 5 emails. Then you click the outlook folder and see 23 emails. If you go back and refresh the server it will show the 23. Its acting like it just updated the server at that moment.


Its acting like the user get and email. and moves it to a folder but the move is not being done on the server. so a year later I do a fresh IMAP account on a new machine and it is missing a lot of emails on the new machine.


The only thing I have modified form standard is. I turned off the  [Get folder unread count for subscribed folders] because doing a send receive takes like 15 minuets otherwise.



Any one have this issue before and find a solution?

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