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I'm sure there are quite a few people who use multiple calendars for different companies, etc. However, in my case I have about 7 calendars and people from each organization create meeting invites based on my availability. The problem is that Calendar 1 may show I'm busy at 2:30pm, but Calendars 2-7 don't show anything, so someone from another organization may believe I'm available at 2:30pm.


It would be really nice to have a feature or tool that could basically mark "Busy" on the other calendars at 2:30pm for the same duration as mentioned in Calendar 1.


Does something like this exist already? If not, how do you handle situations like this if you also have multiple calendars? I mean people can ask "are you available?" but for most people they just look at your availability and go from there.

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@altjx Happy workday to you.


You may want to consider Microsoft's Booking Calendar app which allows external users to navigate to a website and book a meeting with you based on your availability.  You can block off recurring days or times when you are not available. And, it integrates with Microsoft Teams.  This way you are not managing multiple calendars.  


Wow, 7 calendars got to be a record.  lol.


Online Bookings and Appointment Scheduling | Microsoft 365

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@Teresa_Cyrus Hey thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately this won't work because it relies only on Office 365 calendars and not multiple calendars like I'm dealing with.


I totally agree though, lol. This is definitely a crazy scenario. I'm a cybersecurity consultant that have email addresses for multiple cybersecurity firms to perform security assessments on behalf of their company (basically using their brand/email/etc to interact with the customer), so it can get quite hectic.