Sync issues of the sent folder on Mac

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Hello dear Outlook community,


I am currently encountering some problems with my Microsoft Outlook Application on Mac OS.


Tech specs:

  • Mac version: Version 13.1 Beta (22C5033e)
  • Outlook version: 16.66.2 (22102801)



Whenever I send an email from a specific email account, the email is sent correctly and I can also see it in the "Sent" folder. However, when I take a look at my "Sent" folder on my other devices on the Outlook Application, I can't find this email. It ONLY happens when I send an email from my outlook on my Macbook. If I send for example an email from my windows PC or my Iphone, they can easily be found afterwards on ALL devices in the "Sent" folder. I have this error since a few months. It's also important to mention that it just occurs with one email account of my two email accounts. The mailbox settings are however exactly the same as on my other devices' outlook app.


Thank you in advance for your help!

Best regards



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This fixed my issue:
When you create the account select on the first screen "choose provider" and set off the option to use Microsoft Sync on the second screen. Select IMAP and enter all your parameters. Do not let Outlook to configure the account automatically.