Sync email - Unable to load these settings. Please try again later.

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For over a week, I have had the message "Unable to load these settings. Please try again later." in my "Sync email" settings in

Is anyone else having this issue?

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You are definitely not alone in this. It seems to be a known issue, but so far there hasn't been any recent updates from the Microsoft forums.


Check out this link: "Sync Email" settings - "Unable to load these - Microsoft Community

Thank you for the link, it is good to know I'm not alone! Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
They've been at it for close to 3 weeks and it's still not fixed.

I'm also having the same issues.  Simon


@DonnyM this seems to be a trending issue. I hope #Microsoft delivers a solution to this soon. I have been receiving daily sync error emails for a connected account that I deleted months ago but i am not able to fix that. This is so annoying

@Bryanbez yes, there is a very active discussion at which seems to show it is a global issue. One or two people are reporting that it is now working again for them. But not for me.


Was disconnected from Outlook 2010 Exchange server on March 9th. No reconnection since. Thought it was legacy issue with 2010. Upgraded to Office 2021 on a new PC and cannot find any information on setting up 2021 Outlook so it syncs via Exchange Server like 2010. Spent 3 hours on Chat with MS agent and he's finally passed me over to the team. All I want is my non-microsoft email address to sync with as it did in 2010 via Exchange Server. 

I have had the issue since I closed an email account end of October last year :(



Same here. Just added an additional email account, but neither the new nor the existing accounts allow me to forward mail. This has always been a basic feature on any email app I've used and I can't conceive how Microsoft isn't all over this.

It is December 21, 2023 and I am having the same problem right now. Any update would be most appreciated.
Yep. Same here.

Would love some MS feedback on situation. Preferably, a solution.

I went off the new outlook mail in an attempt to gain access. Nothing changed.

Not sure what is going on. In past posts, I saw a reference to Microsoft having a server issue. So, that suggests the problem is with Microsoft. I am still awaiting patiently. Though, I am especially tempted to look at another email managing program.



Thanks for the reply.  I love outlook for combination of mail, calendar, contacts and task list.  Haven’t found a better digital organizer yet.


Which is why it’s so frustrating when something goes wrong like this.

I agree with you. Let us see what happens ahead.
I will be somewhat patient.

Respectfully and with good cheer,
What is really frustrating is that this "Unable to load these settings ...Please try again later" error message has been there for over a year and nothing, absolutely nothing, is being done about it.
Hi Mark - I've had this error for over a year, and I've spent dozens of hours troubleshooting, re-installing, purging cache and cookies etc. and nothing helps. It seems that one can only use the PWA version of Outlook to send / receive messages to/from "" email addresses, but even that doesn't work anymore when account login credentials need to be updated to reflect good password hygiene. It's a good reason to abandon any of the microsoft email solutions as they just don't work unless you can afford to rent the full version of outlook for $30+ a month.

I am having the same issue as well.  This has happened before, but is happening again.  Why does Microsoft not get this sorted, it is so annoying to keep getting emails saying that the email could not be synced to not be able to go in and update!  Hopefully this will be resolved soon.