Switched Primary Email, now ending up in Junk

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Good morning,


We have an email address "apple@" in our Azure tenancy, with the user account name "Apple".


I am able to programmatically authenticate as "apple@", using username/password to send emails via PHP code. 


I want to change the email address to "banana@".


I have added "banana@" as an alias to the account and then switched this to the primary address. I have also updated the name on the account to "Banana".


Although I can now authenticate using "banana@" username and password (which hasn't changed), the mail ends up in Junk.


Whilst using the same credentials, if I use PHP code to set the "From:" address to "apple@", it works and the mail appears in the Inbox, rather than the Junk.


Question, is there a setting in Azure that can be changed or is what I am attempting not possible?


Thanks in advance



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Hi, sometimes it is enough for several recipients to add this new address (as a trusted sender), have you checked it?

Looks like it was a dev error. I previously tested sending it from the banana@ account when it was an alias, thus resulting in Spam. Tested it as the primary with a couple of "fresh" email recipients and it now works. Thanks